6' Dye Sub Stretch Table Cover

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The Details

Add "curve appeal" to your next show or presentation with our flexible, form fitting stretch table cover. Fits snugly over most standard 6' tables. Machine washable and flame retardant.

Design Note: It is not recommended that you have design elements crossing from front to sides or back to sides. Due to the stretchy nature of our fabric, they will not always line up.

Availability: 3-5 business days

Price includes printed table cover. Artwork design services are optional and not included in the price. Quantity discounts are based on using the same artwork for all printed pieces.


  • Fits Table Size: 6' Wide, 29" High, 30" Deep
  • Materials: Lycra fabric
  • Availability: Ships in 5 to 7 business days
  • Fabric Care:

    Machine wash with cold or warm water (water temperature should not exceed 120°F). Select the gentle cycle and use a mild detergent, such as Woolite™. Do not use bleach.

    Tumble dry on lowest setting to prevent fabric from shrinking. Dryer temperature should not exceed 120°F. Remove immediately to prevent wrinkling.

    Wrinkles can be removed from the fabric using an iron (low setting) or a fabric steamer.


Download graphic templates below:

Additional fees may apply if graphic template is not used.

6' Stretch Table Cover (Closed Back)

6' Stretch Table Cover (Open Back)

Design Notes:

  • Due to the stretchy nature of our fabric, it is not recommended to have design elements placed where they are meant to line up between front and sides or back and sides.
  • Distortion increases the closer to the edge you design.

General Artwork Guidelines:
Artwork should be built at full-scale at 100 dpi minimum in CMYK mode. All fonts should be outlined and linked images provided. Provide any critical PMS colors. For more information, see our artwork requirements.

Final art can be uploaded here before or after you place your order.

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